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URL Format

The general syntax to process an image is:

  • company is your token
  • operation is the resize operator (ex. crop, width, cover...)
  • size is the size of the operator (ex. 200, 300x300, ...)
  • optional_parameters are the parameters to add effects to the image. If there is no parameters, you can put a single char such as n
  • original_image_url is the original image URL



We offer all resize operations: cropping, resizing for a specific height of width, cropping inside the image...

See Operations...


Parameters can be added to change the colors or add effects to your image (greyscale, contrast, smooth...)

See Parameters...


You can easily watermark your images with a static logo or any logo from URL.

See Watermarking...


All our images are cached in our CDN : we use AWS CloudFront, but we also offer Akamai and CDNetworks for enterprise plans.
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