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Optional parameters

Parameters are used in addition to the resizing operations to apply filters and effects to the image itself. These parameters are defined in the optional_parameters part of the Cloudimage URL:

The syntax to process an image is: http(s)://

For example, if you want to force an image to be rendered in PNG, you can use the tpng parameter. You can also render an image in greyscale with the fgrey parameter. Or enable interlacing of a JPG image with i1 parameter. You can use several parameters by concatenating them with a simple . (dot).

Let's start with an example

Example 1 Changing the contrast with fcontrast[-100..100]

Example 2 Add a pixelate filter with fpixelate[0..100]

Example 3 Add a smooth filter with fgaussian[0..100]

Example 4 Combine different filters

Example 5 Some more filters (try to guess :) )

Image Parameters

Function Values Description
fgrey apply a greyscale filter on the image
fgaussian [0..10] apply a gaussian blur filter on the image
fcontrast [-100..100] apply a contrast filter on the image
fbright [0..255] apply a brightness filter on the image
fpixelate [0..100] apply a pixelate filter on the image
fradius [0..500] create a radius on the corners

Need more filters?

You guessed it, we know how to apply filters to images :). We have only documented the most popular filters, so contact us if you need anything else. The next section about Compression documents how to use the optional_parameters to compress your image in another format.