Our Affiliate Program is the easiest way to become a Cloudimage Partner. It is a referral program in which you introduce new customers to Cloudimage.


For each new paying customer you bring to Cloudimage, you will receive is 100% of Cloudimage's first month's revenue received from the customer referred by you. In other words, the more customers and individual users you find and the more they upgrade to more advanced plans, the more money you make.

There are no specific requirements for joining. There will be no cost to you or investment by you required.

There is no possible downside, only upside. If a customer, that was initially referred by you, upgrades their plan, you will be automatically rewarded.

Your benefits

100% commission on the sale

You will receive a 100% commission of the referral's first monthly payment. Monthly commission payouts once 100 EUR is reached.

Conversion optimization

Once a referral clicks on your affiliate link, the cookie is tracked for 90 days! We will help you to keep the referral returning and converting with our re-marketing campaigns, feature launches, 24/7 support and personalized on-boarding process!

Full support to your affiliates

Cloudimage team is dedicated to provide the best client experience to make sure your referrals are super happy with the service

Marketing materials

We provide you with the marketing materials (banners, images, texts) to attract more referrals

Participation in the growing industry of digital asset management

You will become our partner to conquer the rapidly growing need for optimized digital content

Simple 3 step process

Sign up for an affiliate program

You will have an access to 24/7 updated dashboard, statistics (on impressions, clicks, conversion), referral and social sharing links


Share the links with your network while our team will take care of converting the referrals to paid customers

Collect your earnings

You will receive automated monthly payments to Paypal or your bank account


Given the fast growing global demand for Cloudimage and Filerobot image optimization and overall digital asset management services, our partners of Affiliate and Referral programs have the easiest way to earn money in the digital asset management business. Come and ride this wave with us! Join our Affiliate Partner program.