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The power of visual content and speed in the Real Estate industry.
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SeLoger's quest for performance

How did the biggest French real estate platform accelerate their websites with image optimization?

SeLoger - Specialist leader in real estate portals in France:
50M images | 150TB CDN traffic is the largest online service to look, rent and sell properties in France. Created in 1992, SeLoger started its web journey in 2000.

With great performance, transparent cost and a service delivering up to 80,000 images per minute Alexandre Nérat, CTO, would Absolutely recommend Cloudimage to peers with similar needs.

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Because size matters

How does Cloudimage accelerate your Real-Estate website?

Sell more properties online with faster images

We can help with giving you an overview of your current web and mobile performance (First Content Paint, First Meaningful Paint, etc...) and share tips on how to optimize your online media (compression, resizing, lazy loading, JS minification, CSS, etc...).