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Generate thumbnails, cropped and framed images, watermarks and much more on-the-fly. No more time wasted on preparing images for your web and and mobile app.

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No need to struggle with scaling your infrastructure to transform millions of images. We learnt how to design scalable services at VMware, Apple & Google.

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Responsive Images

Deliver the most optimised image size based on your visitor's screen size. Responsive images are required for better user experience and more conversion.

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Automatically place a watermark (dynamic or static) on top of your images if you want to protect them from copy, or tag them with a serial number or custom text.

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Compress your images from JPEG or PNG into WebP, JPEG-XR, JPEG 2000 to greatly reduce their size and accelerate their loading time.

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In order to protect your Cloudimage token and your original images from being stolen, you can use an Alias, sign your URLs or whitelist trusted Domains.

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Multi-CDN for lightning fast image delivery

We take the burden off your shoulders and manage your CDN

  • CDN content acceleration in a snap

    Finding the right Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider and implementing it is time consuming.

    We constantly benchmark CDN performance around the World and have selected the best providers for every use case.

    Deliver your images lightning fast over hundreds of Points of Presence spread around the World.

Responsive images made easy

Deliver the right image size to the right screen size

Responsive Images as a Service

Responsive images are part of Responsive Web Design (RWD) and are challenging for every developer and application. Every image size must be generated server-side to optimise loading times. Cloudimage's Responsive Images plugins are here to automate it for you.

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