Empowering Zentrada's and Yestersen's Catalogue

Case Studies: How did Europe’s leading wholesale company and
Poland's leading e-commerce platform,
save their Developers days of work and accelerated their pages?

  • Monthly stats:
    6M images & 4TB traffic

    Serving over 6 million images each month, Zentrada’s catalogue requires image management tools that can easily scale.

    "We spent quite some time working on an in-house image resizing solution, but we experienced many challenges.”

    Inglo Schoo, CEO

    Zentrada’s development team implemented Cloudimage in less than one week and achieved the result expected of a 30-week project.

  • Monthly stats:
    350K images & 1TB traffic

    With 100k visitors per month, Yestersen needed to create new formats dedicated to social networks to populate product feeds on Google, Instagram or Facebook with each feed representing about 11.500 pictures.

    "As the mobile traffic is growing, it was obvious we had to implement some kind of resizing and optimizing solution." Marta Roszkowska, PO

    To support the fast-growing need for image resizing, Cloudimage created customized solution and enabled the Yestersen team to be time-efficient and to have an option to adjust proportion which will fit their social media needs.

Better/Faster product images increase sales

1 Image is worth 1000 words, 1 Second $1000

cloudimage ecommerce solution

33% Return Rates

for products shopped online,

22% because the image doesn't fit the product

cloudimage ecommerce solution

40% E-Shoppers

leave a website that loads in

more than 3 seconds

cloudimage ecommerce solution

1.5 Second

maximum loading time
to have good SEO (Google)

cloudimage ecommerce solution

10% Less Conversion

and revenue for each extra

loading second

Because size matters

How dies Cloudimage accelerate your E-Commerce?

Benchmark the performance of your images

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cloudimage performance report

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