Image and content acceleration in China

Pass the Great Firewall of China thanks to our CDN

Challenges for delivering content to China

The sheer distance from Americas, Africa or Europe to China
Distance from Americas, Africa or Europe to China
  • China is an unique country in which many first-rate technologies do not work the same as in the rest of the world
  • Certain technologies are blocked from entering the country, while others take a long time to load and process
  • The Great Firewall, China’s unique internet filtering system
    The Great Firewall, China’s unique internet filtering
  • The Great Firewall even causes delays to websites delivered from Hong Kong into China. In fact, the Firewall’s filtering process slows websites down by up to 40%.
  • China’s internet infrastructure
    China’s Internet infrastructure
  • Peering between networks and Internet service providers (ISPs) can often introduce significant latency
  • Regulations
  • The Ministry of Industry and Information (MIIT) of China requires an ICP (Internet Content Provider): a permit required to operate websites in China
  • An ICP license is required in order to use China CDN to deliver content in Mainland China
  • How to deliver content in China?

    Improve conversion rates by surpassing the Great Firewall of China
    • The Great Firewall of China slows website speed down by 40%, sometimes not allowing content or images to be fully loaded.

      In addition, China's internet infrastructure causes latency which also affects loading times among users.

      Through the use of our CDN, give your website a boost and surpass the Great Firewall to increase loading times and improve conversion rates:

      • Our Digital Asset Management and Media Acceleration solutions have been purpose-built to deliver website content with maximum performance and reliability anywhere in the world
      • Improve UX by delivering quality media assets fast
      • Simple initial setup, no change needed afterwards
      • Improve your Global visibility and SEO ranking with Google, Baidu, Shenma, Sogou and others
      Reaching China

    How to Accelerate your brand in China?

    Unleash the power of your digital assets with a single solution
    • Accelerate your Content with these Solutions

      Accelerate your content for users in China

      Optimize your web or mobile application and improve your SEO ranking in China on Baidu and Sogou with following solutions:

      • Near-China Acceleration
        Reach yours users without having an ICP certification by benefiting from PoPs (Points of Presence) located around China
      • Mainland China Acceleration
        Get access to our CDN partners' 400+ PoP in mainland China by acquiring an ICP Bei'An
      • China Virtual Private Line
        Have your content accelerated via a MPLS line alternative from Japan or Hong Kong to China without having an ICP Bei'an