Agencies & SaaS

Enrich your value proposition with a ready-to-use image optimizer.

Offer your customers only optimized and responsive projects.

Providing your customers with a user-friendly and scalable web or mobile app can be challenging when both images and traffic are dense.

To help you integrate Cloudimage the easiest way into your CMS or clients' projects, and thus enrich your feature set, our team thought about everything:

  • Multi-token console: manage several clients' projects from a single console while getting dedicated statistics for each project
  • Billing facility: select a plan per project to resell to each of your customers, or get a global allowance with discounted prices that cover all your needs
  • Integrate Cloudimage easily into different CMS and platforms: JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, Ruby, Wordpress, PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, etc.
  • Use Cloudimage as a white-label solution using CNames on your client's solution
cloudimage agencies solution

Success Story

How can Cloudimage be integrated as a core feature of your product?
  • Buildfire - Leading mobile app development platform with 10 million users:
    11M images | 35.6TB CDN traffic

    BuildFire publishes the leading mobile app development platform in the USA and supports around 15,000 apps like Pandora, Pepsi or even Paypal.

    "A Partner relationship instead of a provider one.”

    Daniel Hindi, CTO

    Buildfire needed a unique solution that could address all these specific cases: image compression, optimization, responsiveness and CDN delivery. All that, with both good performance and a fair price.

    Cloudimage success story Buildfire
  • AndAfter - an independent digital agency

    AndAfter serving brands like Yves-Rocher, Hachette Collection, Baron de Rothschild or Linvosges with a fully customizable, homemade E-Commerce CMS called easyboutiq®.

    “Few weeks after implementing Cloudimage in production, the results were significative: the speed index on the homepage went from 4100 down to 2300 (Dareboost)!”

    Mathieu Lebrun – CEO


    AndAfter also looked for a solution that provides facilities for the agency: a multi-user console to be able to collaborate with the client on the solution and multi-tenancy to manage several clients’ projects from a single console.

Scale with Cloudimage Agency Pack!

Cloudimage makes your life easy with a dedicated offering for multi-project companies like yours. All packs include multiple users, tenants, CNames, and a premium CDN delivery!