The impact of 0.1s site speed improvement

Faster images have multiple positive impacts.
+5,2% Page Views
-6% Bounce Rates
+8.4% Conversion
+2% Average Order Value

Because size matters

How does Cloudimage accelerate your Automotive website?

Benchmark the performance of your images

Images represent more than 80% of a page's loading time.
cloudimage performance report

Slow images hurt both SEO and UX. We have built performance benchmarking tools to help you.

Run a report to find out if your images are correctly optimized and how you could do better.

Stunning 360°views

Implemented in minutes.
  • Engage your customers with an interactive and immersive experience.

    We've created a simple and interactive plugin that can be used to provide a virtual tour of your products.

    Cloudimage stunning 360 views

Not sure if your images are optimized?

We can help with giving you an overview of your current web and mobile performance (First Content Paint, First Meaningful Paint, etc...) and share tips on how to optimize your online media (compression, resizing, lazy loading, JS minification, CSS, etc...).