Save time by automating Background Removal

On-the-fly background removal in seconds, no upload required

Automate repetitive image editing processes to create transparent cutouts or replace backgrounds with a unified color.

Say goodbye to heavy PNGs and enjoy fast and light WebP-compressed images.

Visualize the Power of our Background Remover

Why The Need for a Background Remover?

Better than Photoshop, Better than Outsourcing

Automates Workflows

Manual work and repetitive processes aren’t scalable and take up too much time and energy of your team. Remove the background and automate 100+ image transformations on-the-fly, no upload needed.

Ensures Precision, Quality and Consistency

Remove backgrounds with the same level of precision and quality, every single time.

Saves design resources

Your design and marketing teams should focus on what they do best - rather than optimizing tons of images for the web and marketplaces.

What makes our solution unique?

Simple and fast implementation

On-the-fly background removal

Scale as you grow

Improved user experience

All-in-one image optimization & acceleration

No upload required

Cloudimage: More Than Just Background Removal

Image optimization is our core competency

In-house-solutions are expensive and hard to maintain

Manual image editing is time-consuming

Up-to-date with the latest web image formats

Rated as “Excellent” on Trustpilot (4.8/5)

I've implemented the JS library on a large website with lots of images. It performs very well and was pretty simple to get up and running. Their support team responded almost immediately.

Michael (Developer), via Trustpilot

We have a marketplace with more than 300 properties, and Cloudmage allows us to considerably reduce the loading time of our pages.

Support is great and fast. I truly recommend this service.

Hilaire (CEO), via Trustpilot

I've tried a lot of CDNs before, including AWS CloudFront (which is very high-quality, but also very technical and does not have transformations, etc.). Cloudimage has a lot of essential tools and the pricing is reasonable for any business size.

Hendy (Developer), via Trustpilot

Cloudmage is really helpful if you are looking for a solid speed optimization plugin. It helped me reduce the website page size by over 50%! The process was fairly simple and didn't require any technical knowledge. The support team was more than happy to address my queries.

Aksara (Developer), via Trustpilot

Powering image acceleration at 1000+ companies

save on development time, improve UX and SEO through accelerated images and videos
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