• Cloudimage Magento 2
    Responsive Images Plugin

    Light, Fast and Responsive Images for your Magento E-Shop

    A beautiful visual experience is your best asset to sell more online.

    However, it will become your worst enemy if your images are too heavy and slow down your pages.

    Thanks to Cloudimage, your pages load faster, on all devices, everywhere in the world.

    Image optimization impacts positively your SEO ranking and the user experience to reduce bounce rates.

What our Customers Love about Cloudimage

Fast and Easy Integration

Only a few hours are required to set up the solution on your Magento.

Flexible Pricing

Unlimited users, transformations and images into your Cloudimage Account.

Qualitative Support

Meet our Team of Experts who are dedicated to the success of your project!

Boost your Magento 2 with Cloudimage

Quick Image Transformation

Generate more than 150 transformations on-the-fly using Cloudimage dynamic URLs e.g. crop, width, filters, auto-gravity...

Lightened Images

Make your images look high-quality and load fast by optimizing and converting them into the most optimal format (WebP, AVIF, optimized JPEG).

Responsive Images

Load the rightly sized images according to the user device, and at the right moment via Lazy and Progressive loading.

Accelerated via Multi-CDNs

Deliver your images in a snap, everywhere in the world, whatever the traffic via Cloudimage multi-CDN infrastructure.

SEO and UX Booster

Gain a better ranking on Google by using custom image domains for your optimized images. Faster and lighter pages positively impact the click and the bounce rates.

360° Product Views

Engage your customers with a stunning 360 view of your products, including only fully responsive and optimized images.

Get Started!

Make the most of Cloudimage on Magento 2

Follow these 4 simple steps and get your Cloudimage Image Optimizer fully ready to accelerate all your images on your E-Shop!

Cloudimage on Magento 2 User Guide

1. Sign up for Cloudimage

2. Download the Cloudimage Magento 2 Plugin

3. Keep in touch with our Support Team for any technical request

4. Contact our Sales Team to size your project and get the best quote for using Cloudimage in production